A few basic modifications

So here are a couple of quickish modifications.

The first was a heavy corduroy shirt that was much too large around for me, so to make it smaller and keep the shoulders in the right place, I took off the button strips and added instead some nice chunky buttons from the random button bag, stitching in my own buttonholes, and also removed a roughly equivalent strip from the back, and used my at the time rudimentary sewing skills to stitch it back together. I then used some nice material that was lying around to line strips next to the buttons so it looked nice when not fully buttoned. I also cut off the collar and flaps on the pockets and re-did those, and finally added a circle of the same fabric with a simple design on it to the upper arm.

The second was a jacket that was also a little too big, and had a not-particularly nice zipper up the middle. So I just cut off the zipper and added some buttons and holes up the front which brought it in enough, and did the same to the breast pockets just for appearance. Finally I just ironed another basic design onto the upper arms and left it.

Finally a battered old hoodie on which I used some more of the material from the first jacket to add some designs that I thought made it a bit more interesting. Both are decorated with dye pen, ironed on and then machine stitched round. The back square was hemmed first to prevent fraying. 

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