The Arise Hoodie

So, I apologise for the break I've had the flu.

Anyway, the next project (that was decent enough to post) was this hoodie that I picked up for a fiver at the Trinity Hospice charity shop in Putney. As an aside, if you're stuck for inspiration or usable clothes, charity shops provide an excellent source. Not only are they cheap, but you can rest easy knowing that your money is going to a good cause and not to a company that produces its clothing in say death trap factories in Bangladesh.

So, first up I decided to cover the front pocket which had some small holes in, and did this with a fun bit of dark check material I had lying around. If you're working with stretchy material like a hoodie make sure to give a bit of leeway to account for this or the end result may be somewhat warped. I used iron on webbing to attach it first, and then stitched round it. Then I used some iron on fabric to cover the logos on the breast. Later, as this started to peel off I used a sewing machine to go round them. More on machine use in a later update.

For the large design on the back I ironed on and stitched a square of some more spare fabric and then used offcuts of white iron on patches coloured in red with dye pen to create the communist/zombie fist. The grass and disturbed earth are also from iron on patch leftovers, brown and green corduroy. I've found it useful to keep a lot of bits like this, they very often come in handy later. The text above and on the front is white iron on lettering. The results were much better than in earlier attempts, I guess the trick is practice and being very careful. I had run out of some of the letters I needed, but was able to improvise, for example using a sideways n for the z.

Small note, as you may be able to tell, there is a slight iron mark Next to the x on the front. Iron on material and webbing can easily stick and burn on to your iron if it touches it directly, and this can mark your clothes permanently. So be careful and maybe use an old iron and keep your good one for ironing nice things.

And that's all for now!

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