The recuffed jeans

ok, so here is my second project. i really liked this old pair of jeans but they were a little short for my freakishly long legs, so i decided to add a bit of length to them. as it turned out, this first attempt at major clothing alteration wasn't quite perfect, and when worn normally they were kind of weird. however, when cuffed they looked fine and also hung well and looked ok, so in the photos they are turned up to show this. so since my intention in starting this blog is to inspire others to "up"cycle (as my mum says) clothing, i'll describe the process. i cut off the ends of another pair of jeans that i determined were not "zombiefiable" and then got my tape measure and figured out how much to take off.

then i cut the end couple of inches down to size and used my secret weapon, iron on webbing, to form them into matching ends for the original pair. then, i again used webbing to attach them to the ends of the potential zombie jeans and then hand stitched them together to finish up the jeans. after that, i used another cut from the discarded pair to patch the back pocket (as shown in a photo) and then used the ever handy dylon dye pens to scrawl a zombie gen3s tag on them and add what i had adopted as my particular thing, the five crosses on the left back pocket. and that's what i did. keep up, things get more radical from here.

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